Paris Paris

Pork Souvlaki €9,40
Chicken Souvlaki €9,80
Lamp Souvlaki €11,40
Kebab with sauce giaourtlou Pork €9,40
Chicken €9,60
Lamp – Beef €9,80
Gyros in cyprus pita Pork €9,40
Chicken €9,80
•Shieftalies in cyprus pitta Cyprus pita
•Mix with pork souvlaki and sheftalia
Bacon pansetaki laser €9,40
Mustard-coated chicken thighs €9,80
Lamp chops with fried potatoes (half kilo) €15,80
Chicken-bacon rolls €9,20
Cyprus traditional wine sausage (orphan) €2,70
Falafelaki (chickpea balls) Served with mama salad or fried potatoes €9,40

Meat: Souvlaki, kebab, Chicken-bacon rolls €21,80
Chicken: Souvlaki, Kebab, Chicken thigh €21,80
Vegeterian: Halloumi in pita, Mbougiournti, Falafelakia €21,40

Tirokafteri (Spicy cheese sauce) €3,80
Tahini sauce with garlic and lemon €3,80
Melitzano- salata (Eggplant Sause) €3,80
Hummus sause with beetroot €3,80
Honey mustard sauce €2,80
Mboukovo sauce (spicy) €2,80
Chimichurri sauce €2,80
Kalamata olives €2,80
Tzatziki with dill without garlic €2,80
Cyprus sheep yogurt €2,80

Graviera cheese in pastry (2 pieces) €4,90
Zucchini balls (4 pieces) €4,90
Cretan manouri with quince jam €4,90
Halloumi cheese with tomato in pita €6,00
Couscous politko tis Fotinis €4,80
Mbougiournti with mboukovo (spicy) €4,90
Mushrooms with chimichurri sauce €6,00

Potatoes Gourounaki (curly) €4,20
Potatoes with oregano blossom €3,80
Potatoes with cheese and oregano blossom €4,00
Potatoes with Feta sause and bacon €4,00

Traditional Greek salad with feta cheese, tomato, greek peppers, cucumber, capers and onions €8,80
Cretan ntakos with feta cheese, tomato, capers and barley rusks €8,80
Cyprus salad with feta cheese, tomato, onoin, capers, parsley, coliander, mint and wheat rusks €8,80
Green salad with Cyprus pita lettuce, tomato, onion, mint, parsley, coliander and falafelaki €8,80
Mama’s Salad with red and white cabbage, carrot and parsley €3,50